A horn sounds, the earth moves.

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Over my Lenten contemplation I’ve come to a few decisions that are the beginnings of something difficult. Firstly, it’s time to give a face to what happens here on my blog. There I am above. Bearded, graying hair. My shoulders slackened by years of no toiling. I might look angry, I am not. In the world of vapid people I’ve been told I have ‘resting asshole face’.

What I believe they are saying is I only smile when I mean it. Often, I have no desire to do so. I’m increasingly irritated at the navel-gazing world we live in. We cannot even decide as a society if having a penis makes you male. I have nothing but stern contempt for modernity. Not in some neo-luddite fashion. Technology can be a wonderful thing if used to better yourself. My ire is focused solely on the modern mindset of men and women.

I do not admire people who are only identifiable from the media they consume. I have zero tolerance for falsehood in action or word. I believe that if you mean something, you should just get out and say it. Consequences be damned. Be open to correction from like-minded peers though. However, make sure they are peers and not barnacles clinging to something bigger than they are.

I think you should build people up around you. Make the people in your life stronger, so they can in turn make you stronger. Give gifts freely, receive rebukes with an admiration for the courage of the person doing it. If the people who care about you don’t criticize you, they don’t care about you.

I began Lent with the idea of making a site dedicated to the building up of men of similar faith and interests. I think now this is a poor idea. Too soft, not sustainable without dedication to things I’m beginning to have strong contempt for. I am removing the Temple of Iron site. The idea that I can separate my beliefs from my fiction or review is nonsensical and should not have been attempted. It belies a fear that I may offend a potential reader and push them away.

Well, if they are so soft that they get pushed away by ideas, then I have no desire for them to read my words. So let me put a few things out there that might push some people aside. It’s good to set your borders, here are mine.

Islam is a Christian Heresy. The Muhammadans are not, and will not, ever be equal to western civilization until they lay down the falsehood of their pedophile prince. Gay people do not deserve to be thrown from tall buildings or burnt alive. Women should not receive beatings by their husbands. Children are not viable sexual partners. The idea that you can lie for God is an affront to all teachings we have received from God since he began talking.

Not all Muhammadans are evil. Just as not all Pagans are evil, nor all Jews. If you believe that in the slightest you are also an idiot. I don’t want your company or your readership. I think we all have lessons to give one another, however you can tell a tree by its fruit. The vine of the Muhammadan is rotten.

I have greater respect for pagans who live their lives to the rich fullness of self improvement and love of country than I do the ‘Catholic’ men who show up because they have been dragged to Mass by wives. If you don’t want to go, don’t. You aren’t seeing the same Mass as I am anyway.

I have had kind correspondence with Varg Vikerness in the past regarding religion and find him quite friendly and admirable in his dedication to family. That’s a lesson most ‘Christians’ should take. Get off the X-Box you wimps, your children need a man. Not some overgrown child.

Also, his love of mythic fiction is obvious and encouraging. We need more men like him in this world. All too often I see weak, mewling, ‘men’ bemoan Varg as if he is some indictment against white people. Well, you are wrong. Raise a family, honor your wife, be a man, love your traditions, and do it in an area where the government can arrest you for wrongthink and get back to me when you do. Cowards. His blog can be found here: https://thuleanperspective.com/2016/10/25/varg-vikernes-reflections-on-european-mythology-and-polytheism/

I hail and salute The Golden One, who has spoken more on the subject of strength, manhood, wisdom and civic duty than any ten Americans I know of. He actually inspired me to make the Temple of Iron site. I want men around me that push me to my limits and beyond them. Not limp-wristed sophists who couldn’t outfight, or out think a wet paper bag. His blog can be found here: https://thegoldenone.se/2017/04/05/first-among-equals-how-to-acquire-valiant-friends-part-1/

I want people around me who can fight bravely, think deeply, write beautifully, train diligently, teach crafts, learn new crafts, be true to themselves, be true to their families, honor their God/s and die for their beliefs if called to do so. If you cannot do those things then you better be trying like hell to get there. If not, WHY NOT?

The Temple of Iron Site will be merged with this blog. I can do both here. No divisions between my faith and my beliefs and my face. Here I am.

I am unabashedly a son of Europe. Born in Ireland, raised in America, and that’s my face up above. Challenge me to do better. In writing, in thinking, in training, in brotherhood, in faith. But DO something. Be brave, the earth is filled with the bones of weak men. How will you be buried?

Will your grandchildren lament your loss, not just for themselves but for the world? If not, get busy. This goes for me too. I need accountability and men brave enough to give it to me. Not up to the task, the X is in the upper right hand corner.

Godspeed friends,


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