Today I went and poured myself a cup of water. I did not have to toil, nor strain to do so. I was hungry, within minutes I had hot, delicious food on a plate. It stormed heavily, not a single raindrop fell on me.

I sat in the company of the most beautiful woman in the world. I call her my wife. I decided to look over some poetry, I went to my bookshelves and looked at more books in one location than royalty would have had.

I had the pleasure to sit in ease, and think on Easter. On a chair kings would have envied over 100 years ago. I am now sitting in bed (Random bout of exhaustion) and I’m perfectly comfortable. Not too hot, not too cold. My dog laying beside me, looking at an ACKS book. Apparently she’s a fan?

In the bounty of all of this I wanted to say thank you. To all who read my blog, to all who correspond with me in private. To those of you who have offered advice. Each of you in your own way have molded who I am.

Even the Twitter followers that never speak directly at me. I still read your thoughts. Especially ones I disagree with. I appreciate your willingness to help me better understand you.

Today marks the third year of my Baptism into The Roman Catholic Church. My second wedding anniversary is shortly on its heels. Through providence, neither my wife, nor I, ever married before. It took everything I’ve been through to put me right here, right now.

We privileged few who know such times. Thank God for this. Let’s see if we can take human suffering down a notch this year. If we can encourage one another to write, and draw, and think… what else could we do?
As Varg would say, “Let’s find out”
Godspeed friends,

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