Well, schedules are like a box of chocolates. I will burn through all my free time on frivolous things and get to stuff later than intended.

Without further ado.


First Prize:


3 full sized Poster Maps of Aihdre
3 1/2 x 2 1/2 feet
Sealed Pack of Castles and Crusades Character Record Sheets
2 part Sturdy Castle Keeper Screens
Harvest of Oaths Adventure
C1 Mortality of Green Adventure
C2 Shades of Mist Adventure
C3 Upon the Powder River Adventure
Falls The Divide Adventure
A Lion in the Ropes Adventure
Hardback Book-Bluffside City on the Edge
Hardback Codex of Aihrde
Hardback Players Guide To Aihrde
Hardback Codex Nordica
Hardback Codex Celticarum
Hardback Monsters and Treasures
Hardback Players Handbook
Hardback Castle Keepers Guide
Chessex Dice Not included, using them as paper weights. Yes, I have a dice addiction. What about it mac?
18.2 lbs of C&C goodness
385 dollar value

Plus maybe secret surprizes?!

Second Prize!


Next is METAGAME 2
Dragons of Underearth Mint condition
Unpunched, Unplayed

Next is Microgame 20
Trailblazer Mint Condition
Unpunched, Unplayed

Not incredibly valuable, to the layman. To people who obsesses over old games in mint condition. EXCELLENT

Third Prize!


Fantasy Flight Games Force and Destiny

Fourth (Lemon Prize)


Hillfolk Dramasystem

It’s a little beat up. (Bought that way)


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That’s it.

I will select at random the winners and losers.

Each will include a super secret surprise including a taste of Cincinnati and other goodies.

Want to double your odds? Sent a photo of yourself in front of your gaming library with a sign that says “I love Oghma!”

Want to triple your odds?

Donate 20$ to charity and email the receipt to me or send it via twitter messenger.

That’s it folks, now I have a nordic-celtic fictional world to get working on and I wish you all great luck.

Drawing will be made on 05/24/17 at 10pm EST


  1. Are you really just giving it away? Yes.
  2. Do you intend to anything nefarious with our information. No.
  3. What if I win something but want something else. You may barter with other winners.
  4. Are you in fact whoring yourself to promote your website? Yes and no. I like giving people gifts. Ask my twitter friends, I love making people have joy, something I was denied often in my life. It’s a treat for me to make that joy happen. I would like more traffic but honestly I am content with the traffic I currently have. I don’t do this for fame, but as an outlet.
  5. Are you the sexiest man on earth? Define man, define sexy, define earth.
  6. Can I give you anything? No. If you are a writer/drawer you’ve already given me treasures untold. If you engage with me on my favorite topics/hobbies you have rewarded me in full.
  7. What’s a good cut off point for FAQ’s. Here.



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