Giveaway Results!

Congratulations to the winners!

Dice Rolls were made by video on twitter and the results are in!

  1. Larry Pryor-Castles and Crusades Beastly Bundle! Please reply to the twitter post with your mailing info!
  2. Jeffro with the luck of Satan himself won the damn things he wanted. My wife and I were shocked lol Send me a message with your mailing info Jeffro!
  3. Dean McSmith won the Star Wars Force and Destiny book! I hope you like Star Wars! I dont! haha please send me a twitter message with your mailing info!
  4. Jimfear won the Lemon Prize. He will receive Hillfolk and my scorn for having to own such a book. Send a message for your book filled with crap Jim.
  5. Sorry to the rest of the other entries but have no worries another giveaway is coming soon. PULP EDITION
  6. Each winner will also receive a taste of Cincinnati kit. Which is just a sampling of local food. If you have a dietary or religious exemption let me know and I’ll find the correct alternative for you.
  7. Thank you everyone! Giving stuff away is exciting!

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