Dancing with the World

So, there’s a show on Netflix based on the Castlevania franchise now. It’s being received well at large; but has drawn criticism from some. Let’s take a look.

As a fan of the game series from one to Symphony of the Night I’ve drawn some sense of things I see being worked out on the screen. Firstly, this is definitely in line with the third game from a character perspective. Second, it’s playing with themes of corruption in the priesthood of its era. 

There’s really nothing I can add to the first thing. Play the game, it’s excellent. Now the second part seems to be the thing rubbing others raw. I like it. I personally believe it’s being viewed from the wrong perspective.

As a Catholic we are often quick to take offense to depictions of a clergy more interested in temporal power than spiritual knowledge. Rightfully so, the church history is not without blemish but it certainly isn’t the cause of lost knowledge as some would claim. That if it wasn’t for us we’d be living in space with computer bodies…

I’m not going to debunk that, you can debunk that for yourself within a five minute glance of the scientific knowledge that poured from the church, and its universities. You can also understand that mankind falls short often. Even when our aim is Godly. We are fallible. Hence the need of a redeemer.

What I can debunk is this particular series is purposely subversive of Christians as a whole. I think this show nails it. If you don’t look at it from a position of victim hood.

This series shows exactly what Christianity means. When you let your faith turn fallow, your piety to be a display for the crowds, and your sense of mercy grow dull; you are courting evil. It will rise up because we are too busy dancing with the world to keep our eyes on God the Father, Christ our Savior, and the Holy Spirit who gives us grace.

So take a second look with that in mind and be on the watch for applying this to yourself. Sin crouches at all of our doors. Our world is filled with governments permitting the genocide of children, the destruction of our earth, and the elevation of the lie that we are mostly ‘good’. 

We permit the governments to do this.



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